Safe Infant Bottles – Exactly what All Moms and dads Had to Understand about Glass and Plastic Child Bottles

Years later on, through innovation and also innovation came bottles that were made of plastic, which offered the advantages of being both lighter as well as unbreakable, making the glass child bottle a point of the past. Plastic child containers were created long before it was discovered that a particular type of plastic utilized in infant bottles can in fact hurt a developing baby. The tracking info regarding both glass as well as plastic infant containers is intended to help you in determining for yourself which kind of container is most ideal for your infant.

Glass Infant Bottles:


· Glass infant containers are strong as well as are currently offered with silicon sleeves that secure against wreckage when dropped.

· Glass containers do not consist of damaging chemicals that could wind up in the child’s formula.


· Glass bottles weigh and also somewhat more uncomfortable compared to plastic ones.

· Glass bottles present the risk of being lost and having actually shattered glass on the floor to tidy up.

Plastic Infant Bottles:


· Lighter weight makes plastic containers easier to handle.

· Plastic bottles will not shatter when lost like some glass child containers.

· The FDA has provided statements that it believes the quantities of BPA (bisphenol A) that ends up in food or containers made from plastic including are also low to cause any kind of real health impacts in people.


· Some plastic containers are made from plastics which contain bisphenol A (BPA), which has been connected to enhanced danger of numerous types of cancer cells in guinea pig that were subjected to the chemical.

· Plastic containers constructed from polycarbonate are the ones that contain BPA, and can create BPA to leakage into the contents of the infant containers (something you don’t desire your infant consuming).

· The FDA remains to look into the problems surrounding BPA including plastic food as well as drink containers and also the associated threats, which for now still continues to be unresolved.

Picking a Container for Your Child


There are essentially 3 different types of containers for infant: glass, plastic, and plastic with plastic with plastic liners. Many plastic containers will plainly specify that their item does not contain BPA.

Even if you wish to proceed using plastic containers, you could still make use of ones that are made from non-polycarbonate plastics, which don’t consist of BPA. Some instances of non-polycarbonate plastics are polyethylene (# 1, # 2, or # 4 reusing signs) or polypropylene (# 5 recycling icon). When your child is ready to make use of a sippy cup, there are non-polycarbonate plastics variations offered.

An additional option for making sure that your child isn’t really revealed to BPA is using plastic infant containers with disposable liners that don’t consist of BPA, which will clearly claim BPA-free on the label. This alternative does carry a greater expense as a result of the liners should be exchanged out after each feeding.


If you determine that you do want to offer glass baby bottles a shot, but are stressed over breakage and safety, there are silicon sleeves that are readily available that can be slid over glass bottles to prevent wreckage if the bottle is lost.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Baby’s Bottle

You could minimize the risk of exposing your kid to BPA by tracking these safety measures:

Don’t store bust milk or formula in plastic child bottles. Area boob milk as well as formulas right into containers just before feeding and make sure to throw away any type of extra section.
Avoid revealing plastic bottles to heat and also wear. Both heat and also excessive wear deteriorate the plastic having BPA and also can enhance the speed of the BPA leaking from a plastic container.
Make certain to throw away polycarbonate containers that reveal indicators of wear such as splits, chips, or scrapes.
Just usage cozy water and gentle facial cleansers on polycarbonate containers and be sure not to utilize hot water or harsh cleansers which could cause the plastic to break down and also release BPA.
BPA can also be discovered in the lining of formula containers, so choosing powdered formulas will certainly allow you to lower the degrees of BPA present in the formula.
Whether you select plastic or glass baby bottles, feeding your baby can be a gratifying, bonding experience. If you comply with the standards discussed over, you could rest assured that you are giving the safest take care of your kid at mealtime.