Baby Bottle Degeneration

Q. Just what is Baby container degeneration?

A. Baby bottle degeneration is a very certain term which indicates your little one has cavities on their top front teeth. As its name indicates it is caused by over exposure of your children teeth to sugar and also milk from using the container. Most children afflicted by this pattern of degeneration, have been sleeping with the bottle in their mouth for a prolonged duration of time.

It is not just how frequently your youngster is fed, however rather just how long the exposure lasts.

Q. Do I need to treat Baby bottle decay? It is just infant teeth.

A. True this is only infant teeth. Your little one will have their former deciduous (infant) teeth for at least another 6 years. If you do not treat the trouble the youngster could finish up with infection needing baby origin canals, crowns as well as possible extractions.

Q. Can long-term teeth be affected if I do not treat child container decay?

A. Absolutely, Child bottle degeneration is a particular type of dental caries. A cavity is a microbial infection of the tooth. The infection could spread out and also affect the grownup (irreversible) teeth which have not yet appeared. It is possible for the long-term teeth to emerge with already existing tooth cavities caused by the untreated decayed milk teeth.

Q. When should I stop the bottle?

Up until after that the container is ALRIGHT as long as baby’s teeth are being cleaned after feeding and also that at evening the bottle only contains water. If the infant is making use of the container to condole him/herself, it is best to substitute the bottle with a dental practitioner authorized pacifier.